Dutch born and New-Zealand bred singer-songwriter VanWyck released her debut EP, Tanned Legs, in 2015 to international acclaim, receiving reviews from English, French and American blogs. Her dark folk, warm voice and lyrical songwriting drew comparisons with Nathalie Merchant, Leonard Cohen and Laura Marling.

VanWyck then started a new project called One Song a Week, writing and releasing a new song almost every week. Some of those releases were studio recordings with a full band, some came from live shows, some were shot as videos and others were sung in kitchens. 

The result of that year is An Average Woman, Van Wyck's first solo album which was released on January 19th, 2018. She’s accompanied by the award-winning bass player and arranger Reyer Zwart, and singer Marjolein van der Klauw, whose silvery voice is the perfect counterbalance to VanWyck’s own darker tones.

An Average Woman is about women who are visible and hidden, sacrificing and selfish, ordinary and magical, obligated and free. It's about the mysteries lurking in the everyday. It's about creating your own universe and your own sense of belonging - and stumbling along the way. In this debut album, VanWyck explores the roles we are dealt and the ones we create for ourselves.

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"This entire album is a keeper ... It brings up key concepts about confidence, freedom, and being a damn badass as a woman."
Meredith Schneider - Imperfect Fifth

"blown away by its quiet brilliance"
Kerriann Curtis - Wordkrapht

"this is a rich and mysteriously rewarding album"
Jonathan Aird - Americana UK

"Het debuut van VanWyck is een grootse en meeslepende plaat vol bezwering en toverkracht en kan zomaar behoren tot het beste dat dit jaar verschijnt" 
Erwin Zijleman - De krenten uit de pop

"expressie in elke lettergreep - "
Hester Carvalho - NRC

"een beklijvend droomdebuut"
Theo Volk - Music that needs attention

"Sublieme liedjes"
Pieter Wijnstekers - Popmagazine Heaven

"An Average Woman is een hartverscheurend mooi debuutalbum."
David Haakman - Popcorn

Streaming Premiere at The Bluegrass Situation

4 sterren en Album van dit Moment
Cis van Looy - Written in Music

"Just to show that it’s never too late to hear a contender for the song of the year, VanWyck’s Listen to you Breathe is, ironically, a breath taking piece of music."
Jonathan Aird - Americana UK

"VanWyck śpiewa z ogromnym zaangażowaniem i niesamowitymi emocjami."
 - So Music!

"Its poetics sumptuous, its sound ageless and its message resonant, “An Average Woman” is the arresting new single from Amsterdam’s VanWyck. Just released and stunning"

interview at vents magazine 

"stark and understated folk that rightly features her incredible voice"

Une beauté sans fard avec cette voix qui se fait murmure ou qui, soudain, pendant un instant, devient puissante, descend dans les graves.”

This is music for the down at heel, with sounds to warm the coldest of hearts.”

music that coaxes your demons asleep, then cradles them away, with love, in light, from off your shoulders, from off your back:

My top-favorit this week is VAN WYCK’s “The Daughter”, for the space it creates while listening. It evokes the nonchalance of a Leonard Cohen. Authentic, mature, enchanting

"Vulnerable bodies in ill-fitting suits"
Interview at sonic

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